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Teenage Acne - Spring Break!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

I have worked with Teenagers for quite some time now and as my own son was going through puberty and a big amount of break outs, I put myself to work to help him and his peers and any teenagers that go through this unpleasant time of fear and uneasiness with a face and a back in pain and

feeling ashamed.

There is a lot out there about acne, what works and what doesn't. Of course, Doctors and Dermatologists will put your teen on medicine and they will feel very dry.

For the ones that would like to avoid giving their teens too much or too strong medicine, there is not only a solution, but a relief because scaring can be taken care of as well.

Here is a before... on the back and on the face up to the neck and scalp. Real scystic acne!

painful and embarrassing!

Here is an after picture first treatment. Back Facial and Face Facial but not just any facial a Made to measure facial with different tools and machine to achieve the relief in pain and in break outs.

More than a facial some real help for a change in the skin condition.

I will talk more about all the tips and changes you can use and make to bring your skin back to a healthy level. Where : at a Tutoring session that will be open to teens in middle School and High School who can learn how to take care of their skin. Good for boys as for girls, a kit will be sent to the one interested to participate with a first starter with products and a fun way to implement a routine.

The session will happen virtually on Zoom every day during Spring Break, Starting Monday March 15th from 9:30 to 10:30 until Friday, March 19th 2021.

For registration and more information, visit

During the Month of March, The Face of Paris will be happy to provide Teenage Facials for $50 and will offer a 25% discount on products good for acne : Micellar Water, Micro-Gel, Detox Mask, Micro-Exfoliant from Luzern. A skin care company with toxic free products, cold processed, organic and cosmeceutical, with very potent ingredients. Book today at

Testimonial from one Teenager: "I have tried all facials and visited all spas in Sarasota, you are the first one that really helps. Thank you." M.A

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