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DermaSweep is the 30-minute solution to your skincare concerns. This unique and customizable technology gently lifts away the top layer of skin, increases micro-circulation to enhance lymphatic drainage, oxygenation, and delivers key skin nutrients. Exclusive infusion solutions formulated with cutting-edge ingredients added to target specific skincare concerns, for visible results in just one treatment. With a series of treatments, skin health and vibrancy are restored.

DermaSweep treatments are customized for each individual through 3 categories of infusions.

EpiFusions target specific dermatological concerns such as skin lightening and brightening, dehydration, and much more.

PremiumFusions contain powerful, scientifically proven active skincare ingredients including skin transforming peptides, age-reversing growth factors, and revitalizing DNA repair enzymes.

PeelFusions boost the benefits of traditional chemical peels through enhanced delivery of the active skincare ingredients for faster results with less peeling and flaking compared to traditional peels.

DermaSweep Infusion Treatment
50 minutes

A DermaSweep Treatment provides a three in one treatment designed to simultaneously exfoliate, extract and infuse.

It includes a cleanse, a dermasweep treatment, customized infusion, a hydration & sunscreen.

For Face or Neck & Decollete/ Face & Neck/Face Arms & Hands/Back Facial 

With a series of treatments, skin health and vibrancy are restored. 


DermaSweep Premiumfusion Treatment 50 minutes

This Treatment includes a cleanse, a DermaSweep treatment, customized PremiumFusion, hydration and sunscreen.

Clean, paraben-free skin specific infusions contain active skincare ingredients including, age reversing growth factors, skin transforming peptides, brightening agents, anti-oxydants, alpha-hydroxy acids, and hydrating ingredients to optimize skin rejuvenation.

Face or Neck & Decollete / Face & Neck

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