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An introduction to skin care habits and acne control for the teenagers. With delicate touch and gentle cleansing, your teen can relax and learn how to take care of her or his skin. With Carita gentle Softness line and Purifying line, acne and redness can be controled and soften for a better feeling teen. The Oxygen treatment from Luzern will treat the more tenacious of acne bacterias and heal acne scaring. It will also rehydrate and soothe the most irritated skins.These treatments are custom made for your teen only!

Purifying Treatment

The Perfect Acne Control treatment with pumpkin extract, jojoba and green tea to help restore balance to the skin and recover a matte and luminous complexion.

After a relaxation, the micro-exfoliant will deeply cleanse and remove the bacteria from the skin. A touch of Galvanic will help loosen up the black heads and a purifying powder mask will refine the skin texture and calm the skin to leave it pure and fresh.

50 minutes


Add LED for acne and destroy those acne causing bacteria to minimize future break outs. 

Softness Treatment

The Softness treatment with the Cotton will help soothe the undergoing work of stress. The irritation and rednesses will be soften.

This is a great relaxation and soothing treatment for your teen.

Gentle and soft with the most relaxing experience are the key ingredients to reduce inflammation. Extra drainage techniques will enhance the soothing and increases the resistance of the skin to irritation.

A must for Sun Burn!

50 minutes


​​Hydration Treatment

The Hydration Treatment is the first step towards smooth and well balanced skin. With the lagoon water, the skin osmotic balance will be recharge with essential minerals.


This is the first step to good skin care habits for your teen. A nice fresh lagoon scent will make them feel clean and hydrated. For the ones whose acne is light but still bothersome.

50 minutes


Oxygen Infusion Treatment 

A double cleanse for those hormonal skins and a soothing, purifying action with Serum Absolut and an oxygenated mask. The Oxygen will kill the bacterias causing acne and speed the healing and scaring.

50 minutes


Hydrodermabrasion Treatment

Perfect for cystic acne and more severe acne, the gentle dermabrasion (no downtime) smooth and disinfect the pores and infections in the pores with its pure paraben free infusion. A new sense of self confidence is revealed after this treatment. Very effective with deeper scars and pigmentation. A stronger upgrade for tougher acne.

50 minutes

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