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Helene Trained by CARITA, an exclusive French Brand, born in Paris, France in 1945 reveals Carita's classic and avant-garde talent. The legendary Carita sisters gave a legacy of combined pleasure with effectiveness and scientific research with the expertise of Beauty Professionals. The Face of Paris is A very Parisian Maison de Beaute!


Discovered with the Sculpting Gold Perfection and the Champagne Facial . These luxurious facial protocols are custom written to ensure that the specific desire of each client is met and the result of a one of a kind facial exceeds guest expectations.


This exceptional beauty ritual treats your skin to the elegance, radiance and purity of Oxygen. This luxurious face care treatment combines the skill of the Beauty Artisans with the quintessence of nature and precious stones. Embark on this multi-sensorial journey with a relaxation and stress-relieving phase to release tension and place the skin in a state of total receptiveness.

The signature peel is followed by a series of relaxing and targeted facial massages and the application of a cocooning precious mineral rich mask. The Body and mind are relaxed, balance is restored and the skin is radiant from within.

Your pigmentation solution!

The ultimate face care for an unforgettable experience.

60 minutes

90 minutes


The Ideal Micro-Lift! Your non-surgical Lift!

With a stimulation of your muscle fibers in your face the Ideal Micro-lift will smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines , plump and firm, refine and re-contour skin as well as create a luminous, even and radiant complexion; in three words:  lift your skin!
The Ideal Micro-lift features a specific pulsating and galvanic current to create a drainage within the skin, while facilitating ionization for deeper penetration of the active ingredients. The combined effect of this high performance system increases stimulation, micro-circulation and regeneration of skin tissue to correct the skin from inside. It will stimulate the collagen production in the skin.


Light Therapy or Luminotherapy

The light therapy is the new generation of device to enhance and restore the collagen and elasticity in your skin with different light colors!
An Anti-aging focus for a younger you or an Acne reducing experience!
Removes inflammation, tone your skin and create a natural young radiant look!
Great for speeding healing, diminish bruising after laser, peels, injections, Botox, Face lifts and any surgery.



A truly indulgent experience combining performance and pleasure of the senses to rejuvenate the skin. Rich in essential minerals and  detoxifying active ingredients the skin's metabolic activity is stimulated to erase imperfections; brighten the complexion and smooth wrinkles.

Featuring X08 Reward Winning Mask and a firming sculpting massage, the skin is radiant with a luminous complexion and a more youthful appearance.

Now with an added Revitalizing Elixir, X08 is adding for the first time in cosmetics the latest advances in peptide science, the 24K Gold complex working at the heart of firmness and of cell renewals at the same time!

A perfect Gold skin care experience.

90 minutes

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