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Happy Valentine’s

ould have started the year by Happy New Year 2022! And Happy Tiger Year! Year of patience and courage.

2022 has started well I hope for most of you. And if not let’s make the most of it!

Valentine is the celebration of love from St Valentine, a priest and physician from the first century who was persecuted. This man befriended his Jailor’s Daughter and healed her from blindness. He wrote her a letter signing your Valentine. He also married secretly young couples. Saint Valentine is celebrated on February 14th.

The lovers’

festival of Valentine’s Day was established in the 14th century.

February in France is marked by Saint Valentine and love.

It is a good reminder of what we should be doing everyday of the year.

So to celebrate Valentine’s this year, I want to offer you a series of discounted services just to pamper yourself and your loved ones and remember what is good.

Please check my services on this website You can also call in to book your service at (941)320-7803.

Thank you and Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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