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Happy Easter!

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Thank you for your support and votes!

The Face of Paris is the Best of 2021 Gold Winner for SRQ Magazine! "Recognized by the readers of SRQ| The magazine, 2021 Best of SRQ Local Annual Readers Competition.

To Celebrate this Win and the season, I would like to give back to you!

Spring has never been so real in Sunny Florida with change of temperatures and flowers blooming all around us!

So we need to take time to adjust and enjoy this beautiful temperature.

I am extending my Spring Offers of a Hydrodermabrasion - DermaSweep Treatment for $99 and a Package for $420 instead of $470 with 3 sessions of Hydrodermabrasion. Perfect treatments for Rosacea, Pigmentation (TCA Peels), Scaring (Acne, Surgery..)and Cystic Acne.

Treatment for teens at $50 A series of 3 hydrodermabrasions for $250 instead of $275 back included!

Back Facial alone $50! Perfect for men and Teenage Boys!

Get Ready for the summer, Products at 30% off!

20% off Gift Certificates, perfect gift for wedding planning, birthdays, graduations and Proms!

Prom Make up for $50!

Book online at or call (941) 320-7803.

I wish you a Happy Easter!

Helene Bergbauer

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