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The Face of Paris is a Day Spa with face care treatments for all

From effective and innovative deep cleansing skin care treatment for teenagers and adults to the most elaborated skin care treatments for more mature skins, with the exclusivity of the Carita techniques and products, the medical Oxygen machine from Luzern, and the medical Hydrodermabrasion unit from Dermasweep for a deeper exfoliation, circulation and infusion. A relaxing no-downtime treatment.
The Face of Paris offers made-to-measure face care treatments. More than a face care, it is a skin care treatment that will detoxify your skin, remove rednesses, regenerate a radiant and natural glow, provide you with a lift, and smooth your fine lines and wrinkles, regulate acne, treat your face as an entity for your well being.
In the following page you can find the different services offered. A skin care professional at your service!
 Thank you for visiting The Face of Paris in Sarasota.

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