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About Us


Helene is a licensed esthetician and a body expert. She has been in the Beauty industry for 24 years and had the privilege to work with Carita in Paris as an International Educator in Skin Care. After moving to Germany, she developed Carita in a Spa in Munich. In the United States for 18 years and 13 years with Carita USA, Helene has developed a profound experience in skin care and in the Spa industry Worldwide. Helene had a dream, bring Carita exclusive and effective techniques to Sarasota! With The Face of Paris, Helene can now offer the whole range of services. Dedicated to excellence, Helene is happy to offer her clientele the very best of Paris experience. Still, dedicated to improve her education, Helene has developed new techniques and taken on some state of the art products. Result driven products with medical grade compounds and 100% Swiss organic ingredients, she can now offer pure, detoxifying facials, chemical peels and more. 


Taking care of your skin is our priority!

Looking young with a healthy skin is the wish

of many.  Receiving a Facial that is appropriate

and answers to your wishes is what we believe

is important.

Join us for unique facials and technique provided

by years of experience and the best skincare

lines on the market.

What we believe is


How we work

We thrive to give you the best experience and give you the Facial Treatment of your life. Follow the arrow for more information→

Book Appointment


To Book your appointment either give us a call or visit the contact us page to set up your appointment online.

When You Come In


Once the appointment is set, and you come in we will discuss what you would like to focus on and we will be happy to discuss all options.

Your Big day


After our consultation we will begin your session and give you the treatment you deserve.

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