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How to maintain a strong immune system?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Keep a healthy schedule and maintain a strong immune system!

  • Get up early in the morning.

  • Eat well for Breakfast and do some warm up exercises to put your body in wake up mode.

  • Then start your work or homework activity for children from home.

  • Drink a lot of water

  • Take a Break around 10:00 am and do some exercises.

  • Meditation and Yoga movements will help keep a positive mind and a calm perspective on life. Initiate the children to some meditation exercises. It has been proven that children who learned meditation where less hyperactive and could concentrate better.

  • Have a lunch together and talk about whatever is of interest to you and your family.

  • Get back to online work or homework or work in the house

  • End the day with a little relaxation with games or enjoying the outside. taking a walk, sit in your garden, read a book.

  • Eat diner before sundown, get a lot of sleep and be in bed early.

There are many projects that we leave for whenever... well this is the time to take your mind and stress of the depressing news.

Keeping your stress level at a minimum will help keep you strong and healthy.

Gratitude for those very moments; nature, family gathering, will bring peace and happiness in your life.

Music for music lovers are all over youtube to listen to as well as your favorite radio stations.

Dancing classes, yoga classes and more depending on your interest are also online.

A scented candle or a aromatic diffuser with some lavender oil will help keep you relax and your children.

Self-care is very important to make sure you will remain strong. A nice evening routine with your face cleansing and creaming is important.

  • Evening routine: start with your cleanser, then tone , apply your serum, one for the eye and one for the entire face and neck, finish with the eye mask and your night cream as well as your neck and décolleté cream. Every cream with retinol needs to be used every other night. Once a week, add your exfoliator and your mask. as you apply your final cream , massage your face gently while applying. You will feel a relief from the day's tension.

  • Morning routine: start with toning your face, creaming your body after shower and applying your serums, your eye cream and your day cream with a little taping to wake your skin up.

  • As we are washing our hands so often, the best recommendation is to hydrate and apply cream after your washing as your natural oils will decrease and your skin will be more prone to infections.

What you eat is also very important! This might be the best opportunity for your to adapt your diet to a healthier choice.

  • Reduce the dairy intake and replace it with Fruits and grains.

  • Reduce the amount of red meat. Beans and Rice are rich in protein that will give this feeling of a well nourished body.

  • When eating bread, make sure the bread has no dairy, eggs, sugar and preservatives. You can find this type of bread as well as gluten free bread at The Bread Shop on 5900 S.Tamiami Trail, Suite D in Sarasota, open from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm.

  • Taking pre- and pro-biotics is a very good idea with an added cleanser to remove pesticides (one of the most dangerous one is Glyphosate). Bio-Medic is one to regulate the digestive track and remove the glyphosate from our guts where all diseases are originated.

Call for more information (941)320-7803.

  • Reducing inflammation in the body is the last aspect of this dietary information. Greens and vegetables will definitely help. At Wake up , drink up a glass of warm water with a half fresh squizzed lemon. It will rehydrate your organs, help you have clear ideas and reduce inflammation.

  • Reduce coffee and favor herbal teas and drink Apothecherry juice at night. For the most concentrated and quality choice of ApotheCherry, call (941)320-7803. it will help reduce inflammation which will prevent aches and pain as well as getting sick. The amount of melatonin as we age reduces therefore makes us more prone to inflammation and sensitive to colds and flus and other viruses. This particular ApotheCherry will help you sleep through the night, reduce anxiety and prevent inflammation.

  • Finally, remember to drink Orange juice or Pinneapple Juice for your Vitamin C intake as well as being outdoors enough to get Vitamin D.

A 25% discount can be applied to purchase these products with my healthcode. Please call (941)320-7803 for my health code.

I hope this will help you through these times at home to remain calm, positive and healthy. I am wishing you a very good health and hope to see you all very soon. We are all in this together!

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