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How to age gracefully

The French Philosophy by Helene Bergbauer

Who does not want to age gracefully ?

We all do and I am the first. So for years now, I have worked and learn the best way possible to age beautifully without invasive procedures. If needed be by all means more invasive procedure are always a plus depending on stretch and immunity but I know our skin is our biggest organ and our third lung. So it needs to breathe and for that taking care of it is like brushing your teeth at night to avoid decay, right?

Well, what is the best tip to keep our skin from aging too fast ?

Cleansing and toning are the two major steps every evening and if you are too tired make sure you do it early in the evening and so when you go to bed you are all set for the night.

But is that enough?

No you also need to add at least a rehydration serum and a Hydrating moisturizer. Now it is not one fits all. So make sure you ask your esthetician what is right for you at this time in your life. The Face of Paris offers Free consultation at the spa or online by Zoom or just by phone.

Please enjoy this interview from Nina Popova on YouTube for more details. Click on the link below.

Thank you.

we hope to see you soon.

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