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Happy 4th July!

You are invited to a SUMMER EVENT: VIRTUAL NAIL BAR!

Are you ready to celebrate this long week-end of July 4th?

Colors and glimmers for your nails are available by clicking on the link below for only $11, $12 and $13.

Fun colors and glimmers to add to your nails with an easy strip. Easy application with indication on how to apply. Fast and easy, no streaks, no smudges, no dry time.

Order your color now on clicking on the link:

You can also pick up some pre-selected packages of nails strips in my office for your convenience.

Perfect for birthday gifts, hostess gifts and graduation presents...

This Virtual Nail Bar will be on for the whole summer!

Have Fun in treating yourself!

For the ones heading to the beach, a special Body Polish is on Special for the Summer for a deeper nicer tan and hydrated skin.

Book yours today!

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