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Organic Oxygen Facials

Any living organism needs Oxygen. Without Oxygen we would not be. As we age, the oxygen in our cells diminishes therefore alterations in the functioning of our body and skin reflects. To restore a youthful function and appearance, replenishing the Oxygen intake in the skin cells will allow it to detox, repair and better function. Not only will the medical-grade Oxygen machine increase the synthesis of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid(Hydration) but thanks to a pure, clean and cold process of organics Suisse compounds and medical grade ingredients will the Force de Vie from Luzern help the skin cells increase the intake of Oxygen. To learn more click & watch the video here: 


AlpPure Serum Layering system Treatment  50 mns/80 mns 

An infused Oxygen Facial which instantly boost your skin's vitality with this next generation age-fighting facial!

A double cleanse and customized exfoliation prime the skin to receive layer upon layer of anti-oxydants and cosmeceutical actives, completely personalized to your skin's needs. A specialty mask energizes the cells and supply the skin with intense hydration, followed by our pure oxygen infusion, delivering powerful age-fighters to help minimizes fine lines, restore resiliency, suppleness, radiance.


Bio-Suisse Essential Pumpkin Treatment           50 mns/80 mns

Optimize the health of your skin at every age with rare organics Bio-Suisse extracts and active pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced and formulated with clean, cold process free of irritating and age inducing additives.


This facial will address your main concerns, let it be break outs, fine lines, rosecea, Hyperpigmentation. The layering system of the pure Serum Absolut will correct rosecea for the very first time, redness in general, acne, hyperpigmentation, collagen and elastin production, with gentle to peel action resurfacing thanks to the pumpkin enzyme. This treatment is for everyone to be customized!



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