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An amazing  Cleansing Emulsion 100 ml for the night, an oil that transform into an emulsion when adding water to nicely clean your face combined with a toner/ pre-serum essence 120 ml to rebalance the skin Ph and protection then a Hydration Serum 30 ml needed for very dry to dry skin and finally your 20 ml Force de Vie Oxygen cream.

Dry Skin products optimization

SKU: 364215376135191
375,00$ Regular Price
318,75$Sale Price
20 Milliliters
  • These products for dry skin is the set that will rebalance and moisturize a compromised skin and keep the aging process from happening. A organic and toxic free line for a maximum benefit. Cold process to keep the maximum efficacity of the ingredients. Pharmacy grade and organic hand picked ingredients. A perfect Cosmeticeutical Line.

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