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Wedding packages

It is this happy time! Take a breath and relax before the big day.

You have worked hard to get it all together and now it is time to feel good and get your self-care.

The Face of Paris is offering a combination of Body treatment to release the stress and combine it with a Facial treatment customized to your needs.

For your specific concern requiring resurfacing facials , plan ahead to work on pigmentation, wrinkles and restore natural glow. A 2 months prior to the big day is recommended as there is no downtime with the hydrodermabrasion system used by The Face of Paris.

A week before, you may want to schedule your legs, bikini, Brazilian, underarms hair sugar removal to smooth, nourish and slow down regrowth of your hair.

To choose between the many facials offered, please receive a Free consultation and a mini facial ahead of time to determine your skin type, your needs and desires.

We work together, you and I , as a team to make your day the best ever!

Call The Face of Paris at (941) 320-7803

We will be happy to help you set your day in a positive, safe and happy one.

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Feb 03, 2021

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Jan 31, 2021

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Jan 31, 2021

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