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The Face of Paris: KOS PARIS

Multitasking body & hair oil with a fresh, modern rose scent

100 ml

KOS Paris Rose Argan Oil is a multitasker that feels and smells as beautiful on body and hair as it looks in the bottle.

Made of 98% organic ingredients, with a blessedly short ingredient list, the KOS collection of Argan Oils truly highlight ingredient quality (which is of particular importance with this type of base oil — there’s a lot of poor-quality argan on the market). This moisturizing oil is beautifully light and sinks into skin and hair quickly, but it’s rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids that restore suppleness and radiance to skin and nourish hair for more shine and less frizz. And the 100% natural, plant-derived fragrance in the Rose Argan Oil is absolutely gorgeous: somehow, KOS has managed to capture the freshness of a just-plucked rose, with a hit of the leaf. It's what made us first fall in love with this brand.

We have a few favorite ways to use the KOS Argan Oil:

- For body, massage onto damp skin after bath and shower, letting it sink in for a couple of minutes before dressing.
- For hair, use it as a pre-shampoo hair mask to keep hair well moisturized. Or, after shampooing and conditioning, work it into hair from mid-lengths to ends, then give it a quick rinse.
- You can also apply a little of this beautiful oil to dry body skin and hair anytime you want a little lift of scent with a boost of hydration and sheen.

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