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ESSENTIAL MAKE UP by Susan Posnick - ColorFLO - Medium Beige - M7

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Product Details
All natural brush-on powder sunscreen, anti-aging skin treatment, and mineral foundation color all in one, to nourish and perfect all skins at any age. Protect your face body and hands from the harmful rays of the sun, blue light, and environmental pollutants at the same time with natural sun protection and zinc oxide. Unlike chemical sunscreens which take up to half an hour to create a chemical filter of the sun, these healthiest physical sunscreens immediately block harmful UVA and UVB rays. It will never clog pores or irritate sensitive skin conditions – in fact, it is so pure and gentle it can be applied immediately after skin treatments (like facials and peels). When spotted on blemishes it can heal them in half the time! This is why it is a makeup go-to for covering and calming redness and rashes, as well, rosacea, eczema and more.Each COLORFLO brush is hand-made and refillable.

Susan Posnick Make up brand is free of chemicals, made in the USA.

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