LED Light Therapy

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is a tiny computer chip encased in glass. Each LED wavelength (color) of light provides unique therapeutic benefits. LED is non invasive, painless and requires no recovery time. This light is good for all skin types and is engineered to emit a soothing gentle warmth. Clinically proven results originally used by Nasa for wound healing, FDA cleared, it is a natural way to ease pain and reduce inflammation while accelerating your body 's healing process. A perfect solution for after surgery trauma. Great after strong peels. Take yours home!


Anti-Aging LED treatment

A complete anti-aging treatment with cleansing, exfolation, peptide serum, or photo serum with photomasque for an accelerated natural repair process from UV induced DNA damage. Ultra-hydrating treatment

60 minutes - $80

Acne LED Treatment 

This light spectrum destroys P.acnes bacteria and reduces inflammation and promotes circulation

30 minutes $50

Light Stim.jpg

Anti-Aging Led Package - 5 treat

This package treatment will enhance the first 60 minutes treatment for a longer lasting result to firm, tone and minimize pore sizes.

30mns - $250

FDA cleared to temporarily relieve arthritis pain, a variety of minor aches and pains, relax muscles and increase blood circulation

Pictures are displayed on before & after page
Home Care

Take your own home device to increase the result every day on the collagen and Elastin build up with the Wrinkles unit and manage pain with the Pain unit. $249